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The First Crowdsourced List Of Street Photographers Ever Made

Two weeks ago we asked for your help to find the 20 most influential contemporary Street Photographersand the feedback we received was amazing. The comments just kept flying in and we are so grateful for that overwhelming participation. You recommended many Street Photographers out of which a list of 75 names was finally made. We think that this has been the first crowdsourced list of Street Photographers ever made and you all made it! Thank you!

You Recommended And You Voted

A week ago, we asked you dear Readers to do one more thing for us and that was to vote for your most influential Street Shooter out of the list of 75. You voted 21,137 times!

Thank You!

It is understandable that each one of you is influenced by different Street Photographers for different reasons and that is what makes this vote even more interesting. Influences play an important role in the way an artist perceives the world and his/her art, so it is only logical that each one of us has different sources of inspiration, making our perception of what we consider “an influence” unique. What is important is that you all helped us with your vote to find who are the 20 most influential Street Photographers at this time according to you. So here they are:

The 20 Most Influential Street Photographers According To The Readers

Rui Palha

Street Photographer Rui Palha
Rui is a Street Photographer from Portugal. He has been shooting since 1967 and is highly devoted to the art of Street Photography. He has had his work exhibited and published countless times. He has won quite a few Photography awards. Rui has been a huge influence to the wider Street Photography Community for many years.

Manish Khattry

Street Photographer Manish Khattry
Manish Khattry or as he is known Manish Khattry Fotographix is a Street Photographer from India. After doing some research we think that we have discovered his current location to be Varanasi, India. Manish Khattry has an impressive flickr profile and facebook page full of photos that capture the eye. Nothing more is known about him besides that he is a commercial artist that runs an advertising agency with a huge street photography following.

Thomas Leuthard

Street Photographer Thomas Leuthard
One of the most well known contemporary Street Photographers is Thomas Leuthard. Thomas is from Switzerland and he is an international Street Photographer. He enjoys traveling all over the world in order to make more and more photographs. Thomas teaches workshops, offers online Street Photography courses, has written and shared 5 FREE Street Photography e-books and has an active YouTube channel on which he shares his work and his passion about Street Photography. Thomas Leuthard has been an inspiration to many and also a huge influence.

Eric Kim

Street Photographer Eric Kim
California based Street Photographer, best known for his Street Photography blog and Street Photography workshops, Eric Kim has been an inspiration and a huge influence to many Street Photographers from all over the world. He believes in sharing what he knows but he is also in a constant state of learning also. He loves teaching and travelling. Besides working passionately on his blog, teaching workshops about Street Photography and travelling, Eric also shares many interesting on hands Street Photography videos and interviews on his highly popular YouTube channel. He has had his work exhibited and published and has been interviewed numerous times. He is highly influential and his blog is considered by many the defacto Street Photography blog.

Vineet Vohra

Street Photographer Vineet Vohra
Vineet is a Street Photographer from Delhi, India with studies in applied arts with a specialisation in photography. He has been interested in the art of image making since a very young age photographing mostly everything that captured his attention. Together with his brother, Rohit Vohra, he formed the Art Photo Feature –  an evolving magazine for recognising fresh talent. Vineet is also a Fuji “X” photographer and has had his works published on various prestigious magazines all over the world.

Rohit Vohra

Street Photographer Rohit Vohra
Is a Street Photographer that is based in New Delhi, India. Since beginning his journey in the world of Street Photography Rohit has managed to amass a large body of work, most of which can be seen on his website. Together with his brother, Vineet Vohra, he co-founded the Art Photo Feature (APF) Magazine. Like his brother, he is a Fuji “X” photographer and has had his works published on various prestigious magazines all over the world.

Bernd Schaefers

Street Photographer Bernd Schaefers
Bernd is a German Street Photographer that lives in Solingen that shoots exclusively in black and white. He enjoys shooting candid moments and anything that attracts his interest in general. Bernd Schaefers is always learning from observation in the streets and other contemporaries that he admires, such as Khalik Allah, Rinzi Ruiz and more.

Marius Vieth

Street Photographer Marius Vieth
Marius is a highly active international Fine Art Photographer focused on Street Photography from Germany who is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is founder of NEOPRIME International Fine Arts Label and also owner and publisher of his own magazine called NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography. He also writes books about street photography and finding your creative soul, has won 21 international photographic awards so far, teaches workshops and he loves pugs!

Bruce Gilden

Street Photographer Bruce Gilden
Magnum photographer from NY, USA and acclaimed Street Photographer, widely recognised for his unique photographic style, Bruce Gilden is a giant of Street Photography that has been influencing the work of thousands for many years. Bruce Gilden’s name is synonymous to flash intrusive photography. He captures characters, faces and expressions that can only be shot from the closest distance. Even though Bruce Gilden has been photographing for many years, he is still highly active both on the streets and on the web. In 2014 he shot a couple of videos for website in which he critiques Vice readers photos and explains what is a good photograph. Bruce Gilden’s work has been exhibited all around the world and has been published numerous times. He is a winner of multiple awards and has had many short documentaries made about him. He teaches workshops and is always working on something new. His influence on the wider Street Photography Community is huge without a doubt.
Magnum profile

Nicholas Goodden

Street Photographer Nicholas Goodden
Nico is a Street Photographer based in London. He is founder of the Street Photography London collective. He has had his work exhibited and featured online in numerous respected websites such as the Huffington post, The Phoblographer and more. Nico has been interviewed many times on Street Photography. A list of some of his most well known interviews can be found on his website. Olympus has chosen him as an Olympus Ambassador and has featured him in the Olympus Magazine quite a few times.

Alex Webb

Street Photographer Alex Webb
Alex Webb, originally from San Fransisco, USA, is a massive Street Photographer with tremendous experience that has impacted the wider Street Photography Community with his publications and unique style of photography. Webb is a genius of composition, with an unbeatable understanding of colour, that can see the world in slow motion and capture it in all its glory like nobody else. All of his photographs are visually rich and complex and have a strong story to tell. Besides being a charismatic Street Photographer, Alex Webb is also a member of the elite Magnum Photos international photographic cooperative.
Magnum profile

Tatsuo Suzuki

Street Photographer Tatsuo Suzuki
Tatsuo Suzuki is a Japanese Street Photographer that lives in Tokyo. He has been an active Street Photographer since 2008 and since then has won many awards and contests. His work has been featured by Nikon in Asia and has been published by online magazines. Tatsuo shoots in black and white exclusively and from very close distances. He is clearly influenced by Daido Moriyama and the Japanese B&W grainy photographic style. His photographs are dynamic and powerful.

Kevin “Shakes” O’Meara

Street Photographer Kevin "Shakes" O'Meara
Kevin is a  street/documentary photographer, based in the United States and a member of the Elephant Gun Collective. Shakes is a hard core street shooter that doesn’t hesitate to photograph people at their most intimate, most personal and vulnerable moments. He gets close and makes a connection with his subjects and manages to capture on film the often harsh reality that surrounds us in a raw yet, alluring way. In collaboration with Kevin Horn, he has published the book DAY & NIGHT in which he shoots exclusively photos during the night, in contradiction to Kevin Horn who shoots photos during the day.
Elephant Gun Profile page

Kevin Horn

Street Photographer Kevin Horn
Kevin Horn is a Cinematographer & Street Photographer from Saint Paul, MN. Strongly influenced by cinematography, Kevin manages to capture storytelling photographs. He has a strong interest in backgrounds and focuses more on them rather than his subjects that are used in his photos more as props. This is why in the majority of his street work most faces of people are not visible. In collaboration with Kevin “Shakes” O’Meara, he has published the book DAY & NIGHT in which he shoots exclusively photos in the day, in contradiction to Kevin “Shakes” O’Meara who shoots photos during the night.

Valerie Jardin

Street Photographer Valerie Jardin
Valerie is a French Street Photographer that lives in Minnesota in the United States . She is an extremely active person who is very interested in humankind and the beauty that surrounds it. Valerie never rests! She teaches workshops on an international scale, constantly travelling from one big city to another and is also the hostess of the street photography weekly podcast Street Focus! While not teaching and recording her podcasts she writes for an Australian-based dPS magazine (Digital Photography School). In addition to all the above she has had her work exhibited in both the USA and Europe, featured in magazines and many websites, written countless blogs posts, and has been interviewed on shows, the radio and podcasts. She influences hundreds of people with her work on a daily basis.

Trent Parke

Street Photographer Trent Parke
Trent Parke is a Street Photographer from Adelaide Australia, originally from Newcastle. He is a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos international photographic cooperative and the iN-PUBLiC Street Photography collective, the first of its kind. Trent Parke has published 6 books to date and has contributed to at least 5. His work has been exhibited countless times all over the world and is held in 5 Australian public collections for all to see. Additionally he has been awarded many times for his work on a national and international level including receiving the World Press Photo Award a total of four times. Trent Parke is a huge inspiration to Street Photographers from all over the world and a huge influence to the wider Street Photography Community.
Magnum Photos

Tavepong Pratoomwong

Street Photographer Tavepong Pratoomwong
Tavepong Pratoomwong is a Street Photographer from Chanthaburi in Thailand. He has participated in many contests and awards, winning 1st place in the Miami Street Photography Festival 2014 while at the same time also being a finalist at the same contest with another photo. His work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions and has been published in the National Geographic Magazine of Thailand and other publications.

Chuck Jines

Street Photographer Chuck Jines
Chuck is an American Street Photographer based in Chicago. Besides shooting in the streets, he also covers news and social events. He is highly active on YouTube where he shares his Street Photography related videos. When not shooting on the streets, he teaches Street Photography workshops. The style of photography he shares with his students is called GritStreet Photography and it is a mixture of documentary photography, photojournalism, and street photography with a high contrast, high grain, black and white look & feel. Besides teaching workshops, Chuck also offers GritStreet Photography Video Training Courses. He has had his work published on the BBC and The Daily Mail amongst other publications.

Martin U. Waltz

Street Photographer Martin U. Waltz
Martin U. Waltz a.k.a. StreetBerlin is a professional portrait and street photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Martin has had his work exhibited in many european countries and also published in magazines. At the moment he is working on a few evolving Street Photography projects. Even though Martin will share the odd colour photograph his signature style is high contrast black and white photos and that is what he is most known for. Martin is highly active on Social Media and enjoys sharing his experiences and giving advice to whoever seeks it.

Zack Arias

Street Photographer Zack Arias
A multifaceted, highly active and influential Street Photographer based in Atlanta, GA, Zack Arias has had his work published and featured numerous times. In addition his photography has been presented by well known magazines, podcasts and online shows. He has written many magazine articles and has spoken at many presentations, both national and international. He teaches Photography workshops throughout the United States as well as Australia, Cuba, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the UAE and also teaches online classes. In addition to all the above, Zack has published one book and is an official Fujifilm “X” Photographer. Through Fuji, he has produced quite a few Street Photography videos in India.


Once again we would like to thank you dear Readers for helping us make this amazing list of the 20 most influential Street Photographers for 2015. Without you this would not have been possible. The participation was staggering, the shares and likes on Social Media were simply mind blowing. Your support was heart warming! So gratitude from me (Spyros), from Andrew and from Digby!
Remember that if you wish to look through all the 75 names that were submitted you can always visit our previous post “Vote for the 20 most Influential Street Photographers of 2015
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!